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The structure of melt pump

Melt pump belongs to positive displacement gear pump, the spur gear (spur, helical) relative rotation to obtain accurate fluid volume (mL/r). With the surface and gear grinding machining, can strictly control the assembly clearance, to obtain accurate, stable flow in order to ensure the effect, and is not affected by the process conditions. Especially suitable for the transport of high viscosity fluid.
The material is adopted in the rotor of medium carbon alloy steel nitriding or industrial / die steel and martensitic stainless steel quenching, good wear resistance, high temperature resistant (58-60HRC hardness) (350 C);
Sliding bearing used in tool and mould steel quenching treatment, temperature resistance, wear resistance.
Seal with packing seal, Machinery seal can be used.
Drive motor + reducer + universal coupling
The variable frequency speed control, can be adjusted to the required flow.
1. Commonly used heating electric heating, heating pump casing can be electric heating rod and the electric heating plate;
2. The heating medium (for large pump), the shell is provided with a heating jacket, can control the temperature of the melt.
Installation of melt pump using the level of input and output, or progress under the way, also can be directly installed on the extruding machine, it can be installed in the melt pipe.

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