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ZB-C series plastic melt pump

  • ZB-C series plastic melt pump

Name: ZB-C series plastic melt pump
Category: Meltpump
Introduction:ZB-C series plastic melt pump is mainly used for middle-high slimy medium feeding, suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD and other ...
Manufacturer: BATTE Machinery China

Introduction of Plastic melt pump
Plastic melt pump is mainly used for stabilizing, pressurization and transportation of medium or high viscosity medium from the polymer flow layer. This series of extruder melt pump adopts electric heating, and appliers to PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, etc.


Technical Parameter of Extruder melt pump
◆ Melt Pump Body: High Temperature Tool Steel or Stainless Steel
◆ Gear: M2 Steel (Optional)
◆ Sliding Bearing: High Temperature Tool Steel or Stainless Steel
◆ Shaft Sealing: Double Spiral Sealing
◆ Heating System: Electrical Heating

melt pump system running in the extruder production line

Melt pump system running in the extruder production line

Operating Parameter of Plastic melt pump
◆ Theory: Positive Displacement Gear Pump
◆ Structure: Gear Pump
◆ Power: Electric or Oil
◆ Fuel: No Need
◆ Pressure: High Pressure
◆ Volume Range: 0.5CC - 3200CC
◆ Viscosity: ≤40000 Pas
◆ Working Temperature: ≤400°C (750°F)
◆ Cleaning Temperature: ≤450°C (850°F)
◆ Outlet Pressure: 40MPa(6000psi)
◆ Differential Pressure: ≤25Mpa

Features of Extruder gear pump
◆ The steady export pressure--plastic melt pump can reduce the extruder output instability and pressure fluctuation caused by the extrusion machine parameters.
◆ Improve the product quality--extruder melt pump can minimize the dimensional tolerance of the extruded product and reduce the waste and scrape rate. Common extruder can also produce high precision products.
◆ Improve the output--melt pump lower the pressure requirements for the screw, change the voltage buildup way, from “screw to die-head” to “melt pump to die-head”. With the characteristic of high speed extrusion and high efficiency, the production line can adjust the extruder back pressure, reduce the staying time of melt within the screw tubes. And it aslo can make the plasticizing process stable, reduce the melting temperature, improve the output and quality.
◆ Lower energy consumption unit--some data also suggests that combine the co-rotating twin-screw extruder and plastic melt pump into mixing extruding production line, its mixing quality and output can be large increased than separate twin-screw granulator. The energy consumption can reduce about 25% generally.
◆ Prolong service life--extruder melt pump can reduce the extruder screw cylinder pressure if equipped with the melt pump, it also reduces wear between screw and screw tubes to a minimum and reduce the load of thrust bearing in gear case, accordingly prolong the production line service life. And the overflow of material in production process caused by xtruder venting can be readily solved.


Structure of Extrusion melt pump 


Parameters of Extruder melt pump 

Type CC/Rev Capacity (L/H) Heating power (kw) Dirven system (kw) Pressure Temperature
ZB-0.2 0.2 0.2-0.6 0.5 0.37

Inlet pressure:≥0Mpa

Exit pressure: ≤35Mpa

Operating temperature:≤350℃

Clearing temperature:≤450℃

ZB-1 1 1-3 1 0.5
ZB-2 2 2-6 1 0.75
ZB-5 5 5-15 1 1.1
ZB-10 10 10-30 1 1.5
ZB-20 20 20-60 2 2.2
ZB-31.5 31.5 30-90 2 3
ZB-50 50 50-150 2 4
ZB-100 100 100-300 3 5.5
ZB-150 150 150-450 4 7.5
ZB-200 200 200-600 4 11
ZB-250 250 250-750 5 15
ZB-315 315 300-900 6 18.5
ZB-400 400 400-1200 8 22
ZB-500 500 500-1500 10 30
ZB-630 630 600-1800 12 37
ZB-800 800 800-2400 15 45
ZB-1000 1000 1000-3000 18 55
ZB-1500 1500 1200-4500 20 75

ZB-C-Plastic-melt-pump-for-extruder.jpgZB-C Plastic melt pump for extruder.pdf

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