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BATTE May is thriving!

 BATTE pump based on their actual, formulate scientific development strategy, hard work, melt pump production and sales booming.

BATTE May is thriving

Natsume scorching, hot weather seems to be infected by BATTE human enthusiasm. To complete melt pump production goals established by the company, all employees hard, hard work. Company leaders concentrate manpower, material and financial resources, give priority to ensuring the production. As a production department of the general staff, the whole production company in full swing but there is an intuitive feeling. Busy phone ringing as we pace of work, I often hear complaints department brother answer the phone - is busy, this can only smile. In the company to arrange our production department sets of factory support under the leadership of Zhang. While everyone tired sweating, clothes horse is always full wet with sweat, but expect to do something for the production tasks, everyone is without complaint.

In a busy production, the company attaches great importance to production safety melt pump, scientific management. Security lies in consciousness, we should have a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission to treat security. Companies regularly organize safety training, safety awareness so that employees inside depth. Security key is in the details, not to good but not as small, small and whom not to be evil. The company established a strict security organization, to develop a rigorous safety management system and strict security discipline. By the safety inspector safety committee organized workshops from time to time to conduct an inspection and found that safety problems in a timely manner, so as to ensure the safe conduct strict fine melt pump in all aspects. Recently, the company also issued popsicles summer for all the staff, it is a microcosm of the humane management of the company.

I believe that under the correct guidance of the company's leadership and tireless efforts of all staff, BATTE this ship will certainly cut shock waves in the ocean in the market, the more lines farther!

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