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melt gear pump for plastic extrusion

zhengzhou Batte melt pump co,ld is a professional melt gear pump manufacturer, providing melt gear pump mainly used in granulation, film, pipe material, sheet, sheet and other fields. It has the advantages of stabilizing output pressure, improving product quality, increasing extrusion output, reducing unit energy consumption and so on. Barthes of Zhengzhou elaborated on the reasons why the extrusion production of melt gear pumps was used to boost production.

On the extrusion line applied to the melt gear pump, the melt gear pump substitutes for the screw extruder to bear the pressure and measure (the melt pump can also be called the melt pressurized pump, the melt metering pump); because the inlet pressure of the melt pump can be maintained lower (usually 3-5MPa), the pressure transport between the extruder screw and the melt gear pump During the process, the reflux of materials can be reduced, thus effectively increasing the production capacity of extruders. From the hydraulic angle, the melt gear pump is a kind of device which is more effective than the extruder, so the screw extruder can improve its output performance greatly under the pressure of the given die head. The melt gear pump can easily set up the die pressure, so that the back pressure of the extruder can be reduced and the production efficiency of the extruder can be increased. According to general rule, the output pressure of extruder can increase by about 10% at a given speed when the backpressure of the extruder decreases by 1000PSI.

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