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Application of Melt Pump for Low Viscosity Materials

 In the field of plastic extrusion, there are a large number of low-viscosity melts that need pumps to transport; batte aims at this situation, and the developed low-viscosity materials with melt gear pumps can well meet the needs of market users; such as raw liquids, solutions, glues, esters, oligomers, prepolymers, and other materials in the chemical industry, such as pharmaceuticals, fuels, oils, dyes, coatings, lubricants and so on. The viscosity of materials transported by low viscosity gear pump ranges from 0.3 mPa. s to 1000 mPa. s.

The heating mode of low-viscosity melt pump can choose full jacket, electric heating, non-heating and so on according to the nature of conveying materials; the sealing structure of low-viscosity melt pump can choose melt dynamic seal + packing seal, or mechanical seal, or high-temperature packing seal, etc. The wear-resistant and corrosive materials such as nitride steel, tool steel, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant alloy are used for its gears and bearings.

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