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Production specification of melt blown produced by melt pump

   G weight: 18g-500g

  Width: generally 160cm and 180mm (also according to customer demand)

  The melt blown nonwovens made by melt pump use high-speed hot air flow to draft the polymer melt fine flow extruded from the spinneret hole of die head, so as to form superfine fibers and collect them on the condensing net curtain or roller, and at the same time, they are bonded by themselves to become melt blown nonwovens.

Melt pump

  The melt blown cloth production process of melt pump production mainly includes:

  1. Melt preparation

  2. filtration

  3. measurement

  4. Extrusion of melt from spinneret hole

  5. Melt draft and cooling

  6. net

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