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Application of Meltblown Die Head Meltblown Non-woven in Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Production Line

Zhengzhou Bart is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing melt blown metering pumps and melt blown screen changers. It has many years of experience in providing a large number of customized melt blown metering pumps and melt blown screen changers for domestic non-woven equipment manufacturers. . For the application of the meltblown die metering pump in the meltblown nonwoven production line, we need to start with the composition of the meltblown nonwoven production line equipment and the understanding of the meltblown nonwoven production process.

Meltblown die head metering pump

Standard configuration of melt blown cloth metering pump and filter
Screw specifications output Meltblown cloth width Metering pump model Filter model
Φ45 10-20kg/h 600mm ZB-M-10CC ZB-2MR-100
Φ65 20-60kg/h 1200mm ZB-M-20CC ZB-2MR-120
Φ90 60-100kg/h 1600mm ZB-M-30CC ZB-2MR-150
Φ105 80-150kg/h 2400mm ZB-M-50CC ZB-2MR-175
Φ120 150-200kg/h 3200mm ZB-M-100CC ZB-2MR-195

Melt blown metering pump and melt blown screen changer configuration

The melt blown cloth is produced by the melt blown process, and its equipment mainly includes: screw extruder, melt blown metering pump, melt blown screen changer, melt blown device, winding device, air system (hot air blower and heater), etc. . The role of the screw extruder is to melt the sliced material; the role of the melt blown metering pump is to accurately measure, control the output and the fineness of the fiber, and deliver the melt to the spinneret continuously and uniformly. The function of the melt blown screen changer is to filter out the impurities in the melt to avoid clogging the spinneret holes. The function of the winding device is to pack the melt blown cloth into rolls. The function of the air system (hot air blower and heater) is to provide the temperature and pressure of the hot air used for spinning air stretching.

Flow chart of melt blown cloth production process
Flow chart of melt blown cloth production process

For the melt blown non-woven fabric production line, Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturers can provide melt blown metering pumps and melt blown screen changers for various widths (melt blown cloth widths 600mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2400mm), and provide A complete set of melt conveying filtration solutions. If there is no melt blown metering pump and melt blown filter installed in the melt blown cloth production line, the quality of the melt blown cloth product cannot meet the inspection requirements. batte meltblown die head metering pump:

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