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How to set the network temperature of the automatic screen changer

The mesh belt type automatic screen changer is a continuous automatic replacement of the filter screen, without manual operation, safe and reliable, and easy to operate. The mesh belt type automatic screen changer uses melt pressure or time to control the screen change action, and the distance and speed of the filter movement can be set freely. The melt pressure automatically triggers the movement of the mesh belt, without external force to assist the net. The moving speed of the mesh belt is gentle, the melt pressure fluctuation is small, the material flow does not fluctuate, there is no influence on the product quality when changing the screen, and the constant pressure production is truly realized.

screen changer plastic recycling machine

The automatic screen changer sets the running temperature: the setting of the running temperature is set according to the needs of production, and the running temperature is set to make the material at the outlet of the screen slightly melt but not leaking. It is suitable (generally set between 70~120℃). When the network temperature is too high, there will be a long network distance and even material leakage. When the network temperature is too low, the network will not run or the network response will not be sensitive.

The automatic screen changer sets the filtration time: the filtration time should be set according to the cleanliness of the raw materials used. Generally, the melt pressure does not rise more than 3MPa during one filtration time. In the normal host process, the filter time setting cannot be less than 1 hour. Automatic screen changer setting of the netting time: the netting time is to control the length of each netting. The longer the set time, the longer the distance the filter will travel each time. There are not too many impurities in the raw materials. In this case, the moving distance of each filter should not exceed 80% of the filter diameter of the filter. Batte extruder screen polymer melt filter:

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