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How does the metering pump of the meltblown machine achieve voltage stabilization metering?

The melt blown metering pump can stabilize the pressure and flow fluctuations in the extrusion process. It can measure, control the output and the fineness of the fiber, and deliver the melt to the spinneret continuously and uniformly, which can effectively improve the quality of the melt blown cloth.

After the melt blower metering pump is connected in series to the end of the screw extruder, the extrusion has a very good stabilizing effect, and is not affected by various fluctuation factors caused by the upstream equipment at the entrance of the pump. It is determined by the working principle of the metering pump of the meltblown machine. When the metering pump of the melt blown machine is working, when resistance such as a filter screen, a filter plate or a certain forming mold appears at the outlet of the melt blown pump, the gear in the pump is like a piston in a cylinder barrel, which melts the discharge area. The body implements squeezing action to realize the boosting function of the pump.

At the same time, the gear in the melt blown pump is equivalent to a rotating barrier, which can effectively block the influence of pressure fluctuations and flow fluctuations in the feed zone on the discharge zone. In addition, the flow resistance of the material in the gap is relatively large, the leakage flow is small, and the leakage flow caused by the pressure difference change has a small effect on the pump delivery volume. Since the metering pump of the melt blower is driven by an independent motor, the possibility of pressure pulsation is reduced again.

melt blown melt gear pump

Therefore, the melt blown metering pump can effectively block the pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation of the upstream equipment. When the inlet pressure of the pump changes within a large range due to the fluctuation of various factors, the fluctuation of the outlet pressure of the pump can be controlled in a small range.

As a professional manufacturer of melt blown metering pumps, Zhengzhou Batte has been engaged in the research and development and production of melt blown pumps for decades. It is a designated supporting enterprise for most plastic machine manufacturers in the country. The special melt gear pump equipment provided by Zhengzhou Batte includes: hot melt adhesive melt metering pump, reactor melt metering pump, rubber extruder melt gear pump, etc., to meet the production needs of users under different working conditions.

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