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What problems does the melt pump solve for rigid PVC?

Manufacturers of rigid PVC usually avoid the use of melt pumps because of the heat generated by the axial clearance of the gears and the lubrication areas in the bearings. Although many gear pumps today are capable of discharging materials used for lubrication of gears and bearings, maintaining appropriate low temperatures on bearings and gear journals is still difficult to achieve. The melt pump for rigid PVC developed and designed by Zhengzhou Batte can solve the above problems well.

extruder pvc melt pump

The melt pump for rigid PVC developed by Zhengzhou Batte is an ideal choice for heat-sensitive polymers, and brings the advantages of gear pump pressure stability, increased output and reduced extruder pressure to RPVC sheet and profile applications. Zhengzhou Batte's melt pump manufacturer design uses improved components and improved heat transfer to reduce temperature drift that may cause carbonization/degradation of sensitive materials. The gear pump body and side plates are jacketed for steam or oil heat transfer medium, which passes through the entire pump at one time. The double-lengthened gear shaft helps to conduct heat away from the high load area of the gear. The heat is transferred from the bearing journal to the colder sealed journal, and then enters the jacketed side plate through the seal. The sealing element is included in the side plate and integrated with the side plate to obtain better conductivity. Cooling channels in the main body draw heat away from the outer diameter of the bearing to control heat accumulation, and large jacketed side plates provide additional bearing heat transfer. The discharge material used to lubricate the bearings and gears is discharged from the process flow to the outside of the pump through the internal port (approximately 0.01% of the flow) for constant discharge.

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