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How to choose a screen changer that suits your needs

The screen changer is an auxiliary machine of the extrusion line equipment, and the price is also uneven. How to choose a screen changer that suits your needs?

1. Consider the characteristics of your own raw materials

Because the melting point, melting index, corrosivity and fluidity of each raw material are different, the requirements for the screen changer are naturally different.

2. Consider whether the raw materials you use are new or old

If it is old material, what is the impurity ratio of the old material? What size filter does the equipment manufacturer recommend.

3. Consider the products you produce

Different products have different requirements on the continuity of production. The requirements for strand granulation cannot be broken, and the casting film requires small fluctuations in the pressure of the screen, etc. This should be determined according to the actual production situation.

blown film machine screen changer

4. Consider whether the extruder you use is single-screw or twin-screw and the type of extruder, usually the diameter of the filter screen is not less than the diameter of the screw.

5. Consider how many kilograms / hour the output of the extruder is

We can't match the big ones, which wastes money; if the smaller ones, the small horse-drawn carts will not only reduce the lifespan of the main engine, but also increase the frequency of changing the network.

6.know how much Mpa the greater pressure of the material flow is

If this point is ignored, the screen changer is prone to leaking or unable to move.

To sum up, the configuration of the filter screen changer is for users, do not just seek to save money, and do not pursue its functions, what is suitable is good.

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