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What is the role of the radial shaft seal of the melt pump?

The radial shaft seal covers the drive shaft to the atmosphere outside the melt gear pump. They are permanently located in the housing or housing cover of the melt flow pump. The sealing lip is located on the surface of the rotating shaft, and is usually pressed on the surface of the shaft by a spring and radial pressure. In order to prevent wear of the rubber lip and ensure the sealing effect, the shaft must have a high surface quality and hardness. The radial shaft seal is suitable for 1 to 10,000 mPas (cP) melt viscosity, and the service temperature cannot exceed 250°C.

polymer gear melt pump

As a domestic company, Zhengzhou Batte has more than 20 years of experience in polymer gear melt pump R&D and production, and provides melt delivery, metering, and pressurization solutions for thousands of rubber and plastic enterprises at home and abroad; the choice of seals for extrusion melt pumps mainly depends on The requirements of pressure, viscosity and temperature for conveying melts. Commonly used seals for melt pumps for plastic extrusion include mechanical seals, spiral seals, packing seals, radial seals, etc.

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