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Melt gear booster pump for recycled PET industry

In the production of PET, the melt gear pump plays a vital role. The melt with high temperature and high viscosity is transported by the melt gear pump to the pelletizing or downstream spinning device under high pressure. Its performance directly affects the PET and Normal operation of the downstream spinning unit. The PET melt booster pump is mainly used for the smooth booster delivery of medium and high viscosity media in polymer fluids. The heating method is mainly heat transfer oil heating. Suitable for PET, PBT, PA, PC, PS, SAN, ABS, HIPS, PP, POM and other processes. The large-scale melt gear pump for PET is usually driven by a motor + reducer + universal coupling. The melt gear pump is a positive displacement pump, and the output flow of the pump can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed. The speed mode can realize the near-linear flow output of the gear pump. The melt gear pump for PET production equipment has good self-priming performance and can be applied to the working condition of vacuum inlet. It has the advantages of precise structure, high precision and long service life.

recycled pet melt pump

PET sheet melting pump technical parameters

Conveying medium viscosity: 1~30,000Pas
Suction pressure: vacuum~16MPa
Output pressure: 0~35MPa
Allowable differential pressure: 25MPa
Operating temperature: ≤350℃
Heating method: runner heating
Heat medium pressure: ≤1.6MPa

pet sheet melting pump

PET melt pump installation method

The melt booster gear pump is generally installed in the melt pipeline at the bottom of the reactor, used as a booster pump or a metering pump, and is driven by a motor + reducer + universal coupling. The melt gear pump is a positive displacement pump. , the pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed. It is recommended to adopt the frequency conversion speed regulation method, which can realize the near-linear flow output of the gear pump.

melting pump for pet sheet configuration

The complete set of equipment includes melt booster pump, inlet and outlet connectors, drive system, control system, etc. Customers can choose according to specific conditions.

pet melt pump

In the recycled PET industry, the company has provided matching melt booster pump equipment for the industry very early; because the recycled PET industry has many impurities in the material, and the melt booster pump is frequently replaced with spare parts, the global leading enterprise melt booster gear pump Due to factors such as high price and expensive spare parts, some users in the recycled PET industry cannot afford the cost of using the melt booster pump of the leading enterprise; the company has accompanied the whole process of the origin, development and growth of the recycled PET industry, serving many Chinese and foreign customers. Provide reliable, affordable melt booster pump products.

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