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Russian hot selling melt pump made in China for HDPE monofilament extrusion

Melt pump is used to transport and measure polymer melt with high temperature and viscosity by extruder; At the same time, increase and stabilize the pressure of the extruder material, and then transport it to the die head. Its ability to stabilize and measure various plastics is better than that of extruded plastics. Melt pump, also known as metering pump, extrusion pump and gear pump, is widely used in extrusion molding of plastic, resin, rubber and other industries. Now it is engaged in granulation, film, pipe, plate and other industries; Melt pump is an essential part of extrusion equipment, which is applied to PP, PS, pet, PVC, ABS, PE, PA, rubber, etc.

hdpe melt gear pump

The melt pump of PE LDPE HDPE HDPE film blowing extruder is a positive displacement gear pump. A pair of cylindrical gears use external teeth to rotate relatively to transport high viscosity melt. There are straight teeth, spiral teeth and herringbone teeth, three kinds of teeth to choose from. Each pair of gears is completed and assembled accurately to obtain accurate flow. According to different extrusion conditions, the pump and gear will be specially treated.

hdpe monofilament extrusion melt pump

Parameters of melt pump for HDPE monofilament extrusion:

Pump model: 0.5cc-2000cc
Pump material: carbon steel and stainless steel 304/316/ other required tool steel
Pump heating mode: heater or heat transfer oil heating
Operating temperature: ≤ 400 ℃
Removal temperature: ≤ 450 ℃
Input pressure: ≤ 12MPa
Output pressure: ≤ 45MPa
Maximum differential pressure: ≤ 25MPa
Material viscosity: 40000pas

Melt pump for HDPE monofilament extrusion

It is suitable for the melt pump used in HDPE. The pump is installed between the mold and the screen changer and is driven by a variable-frequency motor. Using the pump on the HDPE production line can significantly improve the linear stability of the diameter dimension, increase the output, reduce the back pressure of the screw machine and prolong the service life of the screw. In addition, the company also provides the pressure closed-loop control system (intelligent instrument type and PLC type) applicable to the melt pump. The use of the pressure closed-loop control system can effectively reduce the pressure fluctuation. The combined use of the pressure closed-loop control system and the melt pump can significantly improve the product quality and reduce the scrap rate due to dimensional errors. The melt pump with various output of 10-600kg/h can be selected according to your production needs.

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