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The principle of lubrication between melt pump shaft and shaft sleeve?

The shaft and sleeve of the metering melt pump are lubricated by the melt itself, which is realized through the leakage design from the pump outlet end to the suction end and through the entire bearing. The flow of polymer melt is very necessary to protect the shaft and sleeve of the melt pump. This flow requires that the outlet pressure and inlet pressure of the pump cannot be the same. It is recommended that the pressure difference between the two ports should be kept at several hundred psi.

dosing melt pump for polymer extrusion

As the bearing of the melt pump is lubricated by melt, a seal is required outside the bearing to prevent polymer from flowing to the outside of the gear shaft. In order to adapt to different melt viscosity and pump pressure, most melt pumps are installed with water-cooled seals. This requires reasonable adjustment of water volume to ensure that there is enough water to prevent leakage or reduce the discharge to the micro level. However, the amount of water should not be too much, as this will reduce the lubrication effect of the shaft and increase the load on the melt pump motor. Zhengzhou Butter melt pump manufacturer provides dosing melt pump for polymer extrusion specifications ranging from 0.08CC to 12000CC.

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