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What are the precautions for the installation of melt discharge pump?

Before installing the melt discharge pump, please check the following items: 1. The reactor has been thoroughly cleaned. 2. The package of the melt discharge pump has been cleaned. 3. There is no foreign matter in the pump. 4. The appearance of the pump is good, and there are no bumps, scratches and other defects. 5. The number and quality of bolts, gaskets and other fasteners are complete. 6. The equipment used to fix the discharge pump, such as the reactor and pipeline, is installed firmly without looseness.

Special attention: please keep the interior of the melt discharge pump clean at any time; During hoisting, foreign matters shall be strictly prevented from falling into the pump chamber; Any hard sundries such as iron filings, welding slag, metal, etc. that exist or flow through the discharge pump will cause serious damage to the discharge pump; The interior of the reactor and melt pipe is easy to retain welding slag, which must be cleaned up. The residual welding slag flowing through the discharge pump will cause serious damage to the pump.

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All inspection work should meet the requirements. If universal coupling is used, the half coupling at the pump end should be installed before hoisting. The half coupling should be hot installed or tapped gently, and it is not allowed to knock vigorously. After the half coupling is installed in place, tighten the set screws. (If it is supplied by the supplier in a complete set, the half coupling is generally installed before delivery). When connecting pipes at the suction and discharge ports, abnormal loads such as over tightening, compression, deflection, etc. shall be avoided from acting on the pump to prevent the casing and rotating parts from scratch, wear and other failures.

Zhengzhou Batte has been engaged in the production and development of melt gear pump for decades. At present, it has a full range of full specification melt gear pump products that can meet all working conditions, and has rich application experience in many polymer production fields. At the same time, the company can provide a complete set of solutions such as screen changer and control system.

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