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dosing gear melt pump for plastic blown film

The blown film industry has evolved from single-layer film structures to multi-layer film structures for a variety of food and non-food packaging applications. Depending on the product requirements, various materials can be blended into the film structure to obtain the desired properties. Characteristics of blown film process.

1、High melt pressure;

2、Low product thickness;

3、High dimensional stability requirement;

4、Melt pressure fluctuation is easy to cause breakage or shutdown;

5、Product impurities are easy to cause obvious defects and quality problems.

melt pump for HDPE blown film extrusion

In order to ensure the extrusion quality of film, a high pressure melt pump needs to be installed downstream of the extruder as a metering, pressurizing and conveying device. The melt pump for blown film extrusion machine is commonly used for extrusion of high viscosity molten polymers; it features accurate metering, provides a smooth, constant melt output and suppresses flow pulsation. When the extruder screw produces large fluctuations, the high temperature melt pump for blown film can come to offset them. With the combination of extruder + melt metering pump, the pressure at the pump inlet can fluctuate within a range; this facilitates the adjustment of the extruder control system at any time, while allowing the screw speed to vary within a range without affecting the extrusion process.

melt pump for blown film extrusion machine

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of melt pump for blown film extrusion, providing various specifications of melt gear pump for the polymer material industry such as resin, chemical fiber, rubber, and providing various series of melt gear pump products that can meet all polymer working conditions. The company providesmelt pump for filament line with complete specifications, ranging from 0.1CC to 12000CC, and can also make non-standard customization according to user needs.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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