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PVC pelletizing plastic extrusion hydraulic screen changer

In the pelletizing industry there are modified pelletizing, recycling pelletizing, masterbatch pelletizing and reactor pelletizing, etc. Modified pelletizing and masterbatch pelletizing use plate and column type screen changers, recycling pelletizing uses a double column large filter cartridge screen changer. Because of soft PVC granulation, raw materials are easy to age, in the selection of hydraulic screen changer, usually choose the plate type fast screen changer, because of its flow channel straight, no dead ends, no stagnation and other characteristics, is widely used by the PVC granulation.

pvc screen changer

The PVC pelletizing screen changer consists of a screen changer body, reciprocating slide plate (alloy steel), hydraulic tie rod cylinder, heater, removable porous plate, etc. The PVC screen changer body is designed with an integral structure and compensating seal to ensure no material leakage, a straight flow path and a small footprint; the hydraulic cylinder uses a tie rod cylinder for easy disassembly and replacement of the oil seal; internal heating is used for fast and uniform heating, low energy consumption and easy screen changing. Small energy consumption, simple and quick operation to change the screen, less waste generated when changing the screen, no downtime to change the screen.

plastic extruder hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte offers a wide range of plastic extruder hydraulic screen changers for use in the extrusion process of many polymer products in the petrochemical industry, polymer blending and granulation, nonwovens, packaging materials, high performance films, tubes and other polymers. The products include: hydraulic plate screen changer, hydraulic single column screen changer, high performance hydraulic double column screen changer, hydraulic double column extra large area screen changer, automatic walking belt screen changer, etc.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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