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hydraulic screen changer for recycled plastic granule

The plastic granulator screen changer is mainly used in granulation, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, plates, sheets, casting films, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, and other production processes that require uninterrupted material flow and high continuity during screen changing.

recycled plstic granule screen changer

Working principle of plastic pelletizing screen changer

When the granulator screen changer is working, two filter screens work simultaneously. When the screen needs to be changed, the hydraulic station can be activated to perform the screen change action. When replacing the filter screen, one screen works, the other screen is replaced, and the two screens alternate. Through the material introduction and exhaust devices, the air in the flow channel is completely discharged to achieve the production requirements of no shutdown screen change, no material leakage, no interruption of material flow, small fluctuation of material pressure, small impact on production, and good continuity.

hydraulic screen changer for plastic extrusion

Characteristics of hydraulic screen changer for plastic granulation

1. Designed with an exhaust system, it can fully eliminate gas inclusions in materials and the porous plate to be replaced, prevent gas formation in the product during the mesh changing process, and improve the quality of the product;

2. The dual channel design increases the filtration area, meeting the production requirements of higher yield and higher quality;

3. Large filtration area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and products;

4. Has good sealing characteristics, rigid sealing, and long service life;

5. Equipped with the functions of filling, exhausting, and discharging pollutants, it can ensure the continuous production of the mesh changing process;

6. Zhengzhou Batte non-stop screen changer can be specially designed and processed in various sizes and specifications according to user needs;

7. Reasonable structural design, easy operation, and excellent effect;

8. The filter screen on the same size column can be processed into circular, curved, elliptical, cylindrical, etc.

continuous plestic pelletizing screen changer with low price

Configuration plan for granulator screen changer

1. The main body of the screen changer (oil cylinder, heater), standard hydraulic station (oil pipe 2 meters) (standard configuration of the Bart screen changer);

2. The main body of the screen changer (oil cylinder, heater), standard hydraulic and electric control combination system (pressure sensing, pressure alarm, independent temperature control system);

3. Main body of screen changer (oil cylinder, heater);

4. Body cover (optional).

Plastic granulation screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte specializes in the research and development, promotion, application, and technical services of melt filtration non-stop screen changers. The company has a professional technical team that has been engaged in the production and application of non-stop screen changers for many years. Focusing on the functional practicality and quality stability of melt filter products, combined with the characteristics of melts in the production process, we transform melt filter technology into practical and reliable industrial products. We provide comprehensive non-stop screen changing solutions for various types of melt filtration such as plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, adhesives, sols, and coatings, enabling customers to receive high-quality, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly melt filtration products in a timely manner, achieving good production process results.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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