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What is the general operating temperature of the melt pump?

The working temperature of the melt pump can generally reach 300 degrees, which can meet the requirements of most plastic melt transportation. Some high-temperature melt pumps can reach 500 degrees. The working pressure of a melt pump is usually represented by three parameters, namely high inlet pressure, high outlet pressure, and high pressure difference. The ordinary melt pump has a high inlet pressure of 10-12MPa, a high outlet pressure of 35MPa, and a large pressure difference of 25MPa. This series of high-pressure melt pumps has an inlet pressure of up to 20MPa, an outlet pressure of up to 70MPa, and a pressure difference of up to 50MPa.

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The melt pump does not require too much inlet pressure, usually 3-5 MPa. Require high viscosity fluids with higher inlet pressure. In order to enhance the mixing effect of the molten material in the extrusion screw, it is sometimes necessary to increase the pressure of the screw head and increase the reflux, which can increase the supply pressure. By adjusting the flow rate of upstream equipment (such as an extruder) to be consistent with the melt pump, the inlet pressure can be easily obtained. The large pressure difference reflects the pressure forming ability of the melt pump. The sum of inlet pressure and pressure difference is the outlet pressure. The size of the outlet pressure depends on the shape of the mouth, the viscosity of the molten material, flow rate, etc. Users can choose the operating temperature of the melt pump. Under work pressure, based on meeting usage requirements, there is no need to choose an excessively high level. The melt pump can operate normally under high temperature and pressure, so it must rely on the special materials, structure, and corresponding power supply device of the melt pump to support it. Melt pumps with high temperature and pressure resistance levels also have higher costs.


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