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What are the differences between the ZB-E melt pump and the standard melt pump?

E series melt pump introduce

The E series melt pump is mainly used in conjunction with an extruder to pressurize medium and high viscosity polymer melts, and after pressurization, the flow rate is stable to transport the melt to the die head.

melt pump manfacturer

ZB-E melt pump

E series melt gear pump difference

The internal structure of the E-series melt pump is basically the same as that of the ZB-B standard extrusion pump. The main difference lies in its appearance: the special cylindrical shape of the E-series melt pump is its advantage.

zb-e high temperature melt pump

BATTE E series high temperature melt gear pump

ZB-E high temperature melt pump advantage

The E series melt pump can easily be directly connected to the extruder due to its circular body. The space occupied during installation is smaller than that of standard extrusion melt pumps, making it suitable for extrusion conditions with limited space. The commonly used sealing methods for E series melt pumps are packing sealing, spiral sealing, and two combination sealing methods.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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