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Standard configuration of veneer hydraulic screen changer

Single plate hydraulic screen changer standard configuration for three major components: screen changer body, storage hydraulic pump station, electronic control cabinet, the user can choose their own configuration according to demand. In the screen changer selection needs to be considered when the size of the output, material viscosity, material composition, filtration precision (mesh), equipment pressure, automation and other factors, the specific selection depends on the actual process parameters design.

single plate screen changer

Single plate hydraulic screen changer is customarily known as single-plate fast hydraulic screen changer, this type of screen changer because of its simple structure, cost-effective, wide range of applications, and has no downtime, no leakage of material, smooth flow channel, easy to operate and other characteristics, has been widely used in the market. Single plate hydraulic screen changer structure is simple and easy to connect, with different specifications of single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, kettle to do direct connection with the use of simplified material flow channel.

quick hydraulic screen changer

Single plate hydraulic screen changer adopts pressure activated sealing device, which can meet the extrusion production of almost all thermoplastics and polymerization production of polymer chemical raw materials. The material is rheologically optimized with a porous support plate, which effectively reduces the shear of the melt in the extrusion process. Special materials can be optimized according to the material characteristics and process requirements of the porous plate structure, effectively improving the filtration permeability and filtration quality. Commonly used heating methods for screen changer are external heating plate or heating ring, built-in heating tube or integrated heating method, and can also be customized according to the requirements of the heat medium heating, energy saving and high efficiency. For corrosive materials, it can do anti-corrosion treatment or adopt anti-corrosion material processing.


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