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Why should the melt pump be placed in a horizontal position?

Today we will tell you why melt pumps should be placed in a horizontal position.

According to the working principle of the gear pump, the horizontal placement is more favorable for its processing work.

Horizontal placement is more conducive to the output transmission of the melt, so that the melt delivery is always in a controlled range.

polymer melt gear pump

It helps to stabilize the pump body of the gear pump, and the tilting angle is too big to affect the actual use.

More convenient for maintenance and repair.

Beautiful and generous, horizontal placement, customers visit the factory will not feel very messy it.

These are the reasons why the polymer melt gear pump should be placed horizontally, is it easy to understand? If there are still any questions, please consult BATTE melt pumps in time!


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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