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Application, working principle, advantages and characteristics of manual screen changer

Manual screen changer, also known as manual screen changer filter, is suitable for extrusion production lines of various high viscosity melts.

The movable mesh switch type has two channels for the flow of polymer media on the mobile skateboard. The two working positions are alternately entered into the working state through a manual switching device (lever). It adopts a unique rigid material and compensation sealing design, which can meet the extrusion production of the vast majority of polymers. It can be used in conjunction with extruders of different standards, making installation convenient and operation simple.

manual screen changer for extruder

The manual screen changer has a compact structure and occupies little space; Unique rigid materials, compensating sealing design, high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, high precision, and long-lasting durability; The operation rod is processed with patterns to increase the operating experience, and the operation rod can be adjusted according to the on-site position; The positioning block and positioning bolt ensure the accurate position of the mesh block when quickly pulling the lever.

hydraulic screen changer for film

BATTE Melt Pump Company can provide multiple series and specifications of screen changer products, including plate, column, circular, elongated, curved, cylindrical, single station, multi station, shutdown screen changer, non-stop screen changer, electric heating, and thermal medium heating. At the same time, it can also provide integrated solutions such as melt pumps, screen exchangers, and start-up valves.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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