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What are the vulnerable parts of the melt pump

The vulnerable parts of the melt pump include gears, shaft sleeves, seals, and electrical components. To ensure the stable operation of the melt pump, regular inspections and maintenance are required, worn parts should be replaced in a timely manner, reliable accessories should be selected, and operating standards should be followed.

Gear: Gear is a key component in the melt pump, used to drive the flow of the melt. Due to prolonged high-speed operation and friction with the melt, gears may experience wear or fracture, requiring regular inspection and replacement.

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Shaft sleeve: The shaft sleeve is used to support and fix the rotating parts of the pump. Due to friction and wear, the shaft sleeve may be damaged and requires regular inspection and replacement.

Seals: Seals in the melt pump are used to prevent melt leakage. Prolonged use or improper operation may cause seal failure, so regular inspection and replacement are necessary.

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Electrical components: The electrical system of the melt pump includes components such as motors and couplings. Prolonged use or environmental factors may cause aging or damage to the electrical components, affecting the normal operation of the pump.

To ensure the stable operation of the melt pump, it is recommended to regularly inspect and maintain these vulnerable parts, and replace them in a timely manner based on actual wear and tear. Meanwhile, selecting high-quality and reliable accessories and following the correct operating procedures are also key factors in extending the service life of the melt pump.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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