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What is the purpose of the melt gear pump for plastic pp pipe extrusion line?

The melt gear pump of the plastic PP pipe extrusion production line plays a crucial role as a key equipment in the production line. In the production process of PP pipes, the melt gear pump is mainly responsible for stably and continuously conveying the molten PP raw materials to the mold part of the extruder to ensure the forming quality and production efficiency of the pipes.

Firstly, the melt gear pump ensures a uniform supply of molten PP raw materials through its precise metering and conveying functions. Its high-precision gear design enables the pump body to work stably in high-pressure and high-temperature environments, effectively preventing fluctuations and leaks of raw materials during transportation, thereby ensuring uniform wall thickness and stable extrusion speed of the pipe.

melt pump in extruder

Secondly, the melt gear pump also plays a role in filtering and removing impurities. During the transportation of molten raw materials, the clearance between the gears and pump casing inside the pump body can effectively block and eliminate impurities and particles in the raw materials, ensuring the quality of the pipes and the continuity of production.

In addition, the melt gear pump also has the advantage of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Due to its precise metering and conveying functions, it can avoid excessive supply and waste of raw materials, thereby reducing production costs. At the same time, the efficient heat conduction design of the pump body also reduces heat loss and improves production efficiency.

extrusion melt pump

In summary, the role of the melt gear pump in the plastic PP pipe extrusion production line cannot be ignored. It can not only ensure the production quality and efficiency of pipes, but also reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Therefore, when selecting and using a melt gear pump, we should fully consider its performance characteristics and applicability to ensure the stable operation of the production line and the high-quality output of the product.


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