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Discussion on Pressure Characteristics of Melt Gear Pump

Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump manufacturer provides melt gear pumps, including dual drive melt pumps, reinforced melt pumps, high-temperature and high-pressure melt pumps, etc. This article specifically analyzes the pressure characteristics of the melt pump.

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The pressure requirement of the melt gear pump: The stabilizing effect of the melt gear pump depends on the critical inlet pressure; Under normal conditions, gear pumps have good self suction performance and do not have strict requirements for inlet pressure. When the inlet pressure of the melt pump is too low, the negative pressure generated due to insufficient time for the melt to fill the rotating tooth valley will significantly affect the volumetric efficiency and stabilizing effect of the pump, and produce cavitation, increasing the wear of the gear pump and reducing the service life of the equipment. Usually, when the screw speed and pump speed are constant, controlling the feeding amount to reduce the inlet pressure has little effect on the outlet pressure within a certain range. When the inlet pressure is below the value indicated by the vertical line (about 41/min), there is a significant change in the outlet pressure, and the melt gear pump loses its stabilizing effect. At this time, the inlet pressure is the critical inlet pressure of the gear pump. When the value is lower than this, other process conditions should be considered to change (such as reducing the pump speed) to ensure the operation of the pump.

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The significant boosting effect of the melt gear pump: The melt pump designed by Haike can reach a pressure of 35Mpa or even higher, making it a good boosting equipment; In the plastic extrusion production system, the pressure boosting function of the extruder metering section can be transferred to the melt gear pump to complete, thus compensating for various shortcomings of the extruder when working under high head pressure (such as high load, strong shear, severe wear, long material residence time, and relatively low screw rotation speed). Meanwhile, the design of extruder screws can also focus on melting, plasticizing, and high production; Relatively high-speed and low-temperature extrusion becomes possible.


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