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What is the role of the extruder melt pump in the production line of a 120mm diameter butyl plate si

In the plastic extrusion processing industry, the melt pump of the 120mm diameter butyl plate single screw extruder has brought significant improvement and enhancement to the production line due to its unique design and efficient working performance. As an important component of the extruder, the melt pump plays a crucial role in accurately controlling the flow rate and pressure of the melt, which affects the quality and production efficiency of the final product.

Rubber melt pump

Firstly, let's explore the basic structure and working principle of the melt pump for a 120mm diameter butyl plate single screw extruder. This melt pump mainly consists of a pump body, screws, inlet and outlet ports, and a driving system. The pump body is designed with continuous spiral grooves, allowing the melt to flow continuously and stably inside the pump body. The screw forms a spiral stratified flow state inside the pump body by rotating, pushing the melt forward along the length direction of the pump body. At the same time, the volume of the pump chamber continuously changes with the rotation of the screw, achieving compression and extrusion of the melt. This design enables the melt pump to accurately control the conveying volume and pressure of the melt, meeting different needs in the production process.

melt pump for 120mm single screw extruder

In practical applications, the melt pump of a 120mm diameter butyl plate single screw extruder has demonstrated excellent performance. The output is linearly related to the screw speed, and precise control of the melt displacement can be achieved by precisely controlling the speed of the gear pump. This makes the melt pump not only an important component of the extruder, but also a measuring device that provides stable melt flow for high-precision equipment such as online rheometers. In addition, the melt pump can eliminate fluctuations in upstream process transfer, making the extrusion process more stable, thereby improving product dimensional accuracy and reducing scrap rates.

extrusion pump for  butyl sheet procution line

In addition to precise control, the melt pump of the 120mm diameter butyl plate single screw extruder also has significant advantages such as low energy consumption, process saving, and long service life. By combining the melt pump with the extruder, the mixing quality and output can be significantly improved, while reducing energy consumption. Installing a melt pump and corresponding extruder head on a granulation extruder can eliminate the granulation process and directly produce extruded products, thereby simplifying the production process. In addition, the use of melt pumps can also reduce the pressure and torque inside the extruder, reduce the load on the gearbox thrust bearings, and thus extend the service life of the extruder.

rubber extrusion melt pump

In terms of applicability and reliability, the melt pump of the 120mm diameter butyl plate single screw extruder also performs well. It is suitable for the processing of various thermoplastic resins, thermoplastic elastomers, and other polymers, and can meet the special requirements of different materials for melt transportation. At the same time, the melt pump has the ability to adapt to high temperature, high pressure, and high viscosity working conditions. The optimized flow channel design and improved gear parameters make its output pressure more stable, with lower pulsation rate and adaptability Used for precision extrusion processes. In addition, the melt pump made of high-temperature alloy steel has excellent wear resistance, ensuring long-term stable operation.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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