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What are the choices of gear materials for melt pumps?

The selection of gear material for melt pumps mainly depends on the application scenario, working temperature and pressure, corrosive environment, and required wear resistance of the pump. Here are some common material choices for melt pump gears:

Nitride steel: Nitride steel has undergone nitriding treatment, with extremely high surface hardness and excellent wear resistance. This material is commonly used in applications that require high pressure and wear resistance.

Tool steel: Tool steel has high hardness and good wear resistance, suitable for gears that require high strength and durability.

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Stainless steel: Stainless steel gears have excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for corrosive media or humid environments. Stainless steel can also be coated as needed to improve its wear resistance and hardness.

Corrosion resistant alloys: In extremely corrosive environments, such as melt pumps that handle strong acids, bases, or other chemicals, corrosion resistant alloys such as Hastelloy and Monel are ideal choices.

Special alloys: For melt pumps under high temperature, high pressure, or special chemical environments, higher grade alloy materials may be required, such as titanium alloys, nickel based alloys, etc.

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Coating materials: In order to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of gears, special coatings such as tungsten carbide coatings, ceramic coatings, etc. are sometimes applied to the surface of gears.

When selecting gear materials, in addition to considering the physical and chemical properties of the materials, it is also necessary to consider cost, machinability, material availability, and the convenience of maintenance and replacement. Therefore, in practical applications, choices are usually made based on specific working conditions and budgets.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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