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The relationship between extruder and screen changer

In the field of plastic product processing, extruders undoubtedly play a crucial role. It is like a skilled craftsman who can shape plastic melt into particles or sheets according to our needs. However, to ensure the quality of these products, we must equip them with an efficient screen changer. This screen changer not only has the function of filtering impurities, but also can quickly switch the filter screen when needed, ensuring a smooth and unobstructed production process.

continuous screen changer

During the extrusion process of plastic, the melt may decompose into some residues after prolonged plasticization and heating. Meanwhile, raw materials inevitably contain some impurities. Once these impurities enter the extruder head, they may cause blockages in the flow channel, leading to defects in plastic products and even causing the entire production line to come to a standstill. To avoid this situation, we need to install a screen changer between the screw head and the extrusion molding machine head. It is like a strong barrier, effectively preventing impurities and foreign objects from entering the molding head, ensuring that pure melt can smoothly enter the extrusion molding head, thereby producing high-quality plastic products.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

As an important component of the extrusion production process, the screen changer plays an irreplaceable role, especially in plastic recycling and filling material production. The screen changing system consists of two parts: a screen changing device and a power system, and the screen changing device itself is composed of multiple components such as the body, sealing components, porous plates, filter screens, and switching devices. The material selection of these components is crucial. Ordinary carbon steel cannot meet the requirements of high hardness and wear resistance for mesh replacement parts, and has a short service life and is prone to material leakage. Therefore, we must choose alloy steel to manufacture these components, especially sealing components and switching devices. High quality alloy steel should be selected and subjected to special heat treatment processes to achieve high hardness and wear resistance. In this way, even in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, the mesh changer can maintain its shape unchanged, ensuring its sealing accuracy and long-term use without material leakage performance.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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