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Loss-in-weight Feeder for Masterbatch granulation

Batte loss-in-weight feeder system applicable in color masterbatch extrusion granulation of continuous feeding,is composed of the raw material warehouse or package station, storage silo, loss-weight feeder and silo set . With the system ,masterbatch products quality is stable, uniformity, no colour difference.

 Loss-in-weight Feeder for Masterbatch.jpg

Characteristic of Loss-in-weight Feeder for Masterbatch


Continuous feeding precision, its precision can reach 0.2%-0.5%;


Environment friendly,closed operation of raw material warehouse or package station in independent floor , the feeder closed in hopper, decrease the dust flying.

For storage of carbon storage bin, loss in weight metering feeder is specially designed ,in order to measure for ultra light material conveying;

Optimized silo structure , the material will not be deposited,and have independent exhaust channel design.

Easy operation, one system take charge of  feeding amount and ratio, one key start-stop;

Through the optional industry 4.0 card connect to the Internet cloud ,realize big data management,and achieve real-time monitoring, control, remote debugging, remote diagnosis, remote debugging, remote control, remote control, remote debugging of the electronic terminal (mobile phone, tablet, remote computer).

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