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Batte Melt Pump Brief Introduction and Classification

Batte Melt pump belongs to positive displacement gear pump, adopt a pair of external gearing cylindrical gears(straight gear, helical gear, herringbone gear) with relative turning to deliver high viscosity fluid. All gears and fitting surfaces are accurate grinded, and obtain precision flow by controlling the assembling clearance strictly. Gear and pump body varies to different materials. Gear and pump body according to the different working condition, divided into ZB-B series, ZB-C series, ZB-H series, ZB-E series, ZB-R series, ZB-F series, ZB-K series, ZB-D series, ZB-X series, ZB-G series, ZB-U series, etc.


 Melt pump is mainly used for transportation, pressurization and metering of high temperature or high viscosity polymer melt. It can be applied in the following scope of field: Tape Plant , Woven Sack Plant, Sheet Plant, Film Plant, Tubes & Profile Plant , Cable Coating Plant , Formed Product, Master Batch Plant , Recycling Plant

 The Main Advantages for Applying Our Melt Pump Products:

 Stabilizing outlet pressure;  

Improving the products quality

Increasing the extrusion output;  

Reducing unit energy consumption

Prolonging the service time of extruder

 One whole set of melt pump system comprise the following devices:

 Melt pump  

 Driven motor system: motor + reducer

 Control system: PLC touchscreen system

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