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Solution for leakage of volume metering pump

 For the melt metering pump leakage, we should first analyze the location of the leakage, is the melt metering pump shaft seal leakage, or melt metering pump cover plate leakage. According to the different location of leakage, corresponding measures are taken.

When the leakage of melt metering pump is located at the shaft seal, there are three common solutions: first, if the shaft seal of melt metering pump is spiral seal, it should be connected with cold water ring at the screw seal, and the screw seal should be water-cooled with cold water; second, if the packing seal is used for the shaft seal of melt metering pump, the packing seal packing should be replaced; third, if the shaft seal of the melt metering pump adopts the packing seal, the packing of the packing seal should be replaced Replace the seal of the melt metering pump.

When the leakage of the melt metering pump occurs in the cover plate, there are three common treatment methods: first, after the pump body of the melt metering pump is heated, then tighten the bolt according to the bolt tightening torque; second, apply high-temperature sealant between the cover plate and the pump body; 

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