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double piston hydraulic screen changer for melt blown fabric machine

Melt blown cloth screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film, tape casting film production, pipe, plate, wire, fiber manufacturing, grain cutting line, recycling, etc.


The screen changer of meltblown cloth adopts double column and double channel design, with internal heating, fast heating and uniform temperature. During normal production, two filter screens work at the same time. When a filter screen is changed manually, it will affect the performance of the filter and change the discharge screen automatically. It is suitable for production under various working conditions with continuous requirements.


The screen changer of melt blown fabric is used in the production line of melt blown cloth. Its function is to filter out the impurities in the melt so as not to block the spinneret hole.

Advantages of meltblown cloth screen changer

1. Without interruption of material flow and products, it can realize the operation of changing network without stopping the machine.
2. Large filtering area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and products.
3. It has good sealing characteristics, rigid sealing and long service life.
4. It is suitable for continuous operation with high production capacity, high efficiency and large extrusion equipment.

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Zhengzhou bate is specialized in the research and development, application and technical service of the on-line screen changer for melt filtration. The company has many years engaged in the production and application of non-stop screen changer professional technical team. Focusing on the functional practicability and quality stability of melt filter products, combined with the characteristics of melt in the production process, the advanced melt screen changing filter technology is transformed into practical and reliable industrial products. For plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, adhesive, sol, coating materials and other melt filtration, provide a perfect solution for non-stop screen change, so that customers can timely get high-quality, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection of melt filtration products, and achieve good production process effect.

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