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Melt pump manufacturer tells the working principle of external meshing gear pump

Gear pumps are generally divided into external gear pumps and internal gear pumps according to their different structures. Their basic working principles are the same. Since external gear pumps are widely used, if there is no special description, most gear pumps refer to external gear pumps. Zhengzhou Bart's melt pump manufacturer will describe the working principle of external gear pump in detail.

boosting pressure extrusion melt pump extrusion
1. The suction and discharge of the melt gear pump is caused by the rotation of a pair of meshing gears. The volume of the chamber exiting the meshing side increases and the pressure decreases, and the volume of the chamber entering the meshing side decreases, and the pressure increases. Big. china melt gear pumps rely on volume changes to produce suction and discharge work, which is a type of volumetric fixed displacement pump.
2. In order to seal the chamber and reduce leakage loss, the sealing performance should be good, that is, the meshing contact of the tooth surface should be good, the radial clearance between the outer circle of the tooth top and the inner wall of the pump body, the two ends of the gear and the front and rear end covers of the pump body The axial gap between them should be small. The smaller the gap, the smaller the internal leakage loss, the higher the volumetric efficiency, and the higher the suction performance and discharge pressure.
3. The suction and discharge of the melt gear pump are continuous, but the displacement is not uniform enough and brings about pressure pulsation. The unevenness and pulsation rate depend on the number of gear teeth, tooth profile and speed.
4. Hot melt gear pump does not need suction and discharge valves, and has no reciprocating parts. Therefore, its structure is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the management and maintenance are simple and convenient.
5. When the melt gear pump is working, the contact stress of the tooth surface is relatively large, and the wear of the tooth surface is relatively large, so it is only suitable for transporting liquids with good lubrication performance and less impurities.

Since Zhengzhou Bart specializes in the production of high-temperature extruder melt gear pumps, it has accumulated rich experience in the application technology of high-temperature high pressure melt gear pump, and provides a new generation of gear pumps with the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, and long life.

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