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Why the reactor melt pump adopts herringbone gear


The reactor melt discharge pump is suitable for conveying medium and high viscosity medium in the vacuum reactor. It adopts a large suction port, under vacuum conditions, high viscosity materials can also be sucked into the gear pump. The reactor melt discharge pump can provide a circular inlet flange directly connected to the reactor, and the gear pump is clamped between two flanges, with a larger suction port and a shorter inlet distance.


The reactor melt discharge pump adopts herringbone gears. Compared with straight and helical teeth, the herringbone gear reduces the pulsation of the conveying medium. This is particularly beneficial for polymers. Since the material is more easily taken away from the gap between the teeth, the herringbone gear can better transport materials with high solid particle content. It also reduces the shear stress on the polymer. For highly sensitive polymers, it is very important to reduce the shear stress and temperature rise of the polymer during gear meshing. The gear pump in use can also be replaced with a herringbone gear. Only the sliding bearings and gear shafts need to be replaced. Zhengzhou professional melt pump manufacturer, company email:

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