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8 Problems with How to Install the Plate Screen Changer

1. Check the parts of the screen changer. After confirming that the packing box is intact, open the package. Take out the random data package and check the parts one by one according to the details on the packing list. If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales service department in time.

2. Check the installation dimensions. a. Check whether the inlet and outlet sub-ports of the plate screen changer and the positioning ring are in correct size at the connection point of the extruder, and whether the contact surface of each stop is smooth. b. Check whether the size and center distance of the inlet and outlet connection holes of the plate screen changer are correctly matched with the dimensions of the flange at the connection of the extruder. c. Check whether there is any position that affects the screen change operation after the screen changer is installed or the screen changer affects other operations.

3. Confirm the installation direction of the plate screen changer. Unless otherwise specified, the side with the pressure detection hole is the direction of the feed inlet of the screen changer (it can also be judged according to the direction of the nozzle of the hydraulic cylinder, the direction of the cylinder nozzle is the direction of the feed inlet of the screen changer) In special cases, we will mark the direction of material flow on the side of the screen changer. It is generally recommended to install the hydraulic cylinder vertically upwards.

single plate screen changer

4. Ready to install. Clean and wipe the connection parts of the extruder, die, screen changer and the main body of the screen changer. The key point is to ensure the cleanliness of the sealing surfaces, runners, spigots, and positioning rings at all connections.

5. Hoisting. a. Put the positioning ring into the inlet stop of the screen changer or the exit of the extruder (with positioning ring). b. Use lifting equipment and ropes that are more than 1.5 times the weight of the main body of the plate screen changer. c. Smoothly move the main body of the plate screen changer to the alignment position of the extruder outlet under the lifting state. d. Adjust the connecting flange of the extruder outlet so that it is more than 3mm away from the end surface of the screen changer body and each mounting hole is aligned with the threaded hole of the plate screen changer body. e. Manually tighten the connecting bolts slightly. f. Use the diagonal and even locking method to tighten the connecting bolts. The final force of each bolt is about 100kg. g. The installation method at the outlet of the screen changer is the same as above.

Remarks: The above is the way to install the screen changer inlet first and then connect the screen changer outlet, or you can connect the screen changer outlet first and then connect to the screen changer inlet. The specific installation method depends on different situations.

automatic plate screen changer

6. Stable. After all parts are connected, the plate screen changer can be fixed. The double-plate screen changer is stabilized by bottom support.

7. Wiring. Connect the electric control to the heating wire, thermocouple, sensor and other components between the screen changer. And to ensure that there is no leakage, short circuit, or open circuit.

8. If there are no omissions in the above steps, the installation of the main body of the plate screen changer is completed.

The plate type screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte is divided into: single-plate double-station hydraulic screen changer, double-plate double-station hydraulic screen changer, single-plate four-station hydraulic screen changer, online consultation:


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