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Application of Melt Gear Pump in Production of Butyl Sealant

Butyl sealant is a thermoplastic elastomer with Excellent water vapor permeability barrier, excellent inert gas Retention rate, excellent aging resistance and heat resistance, can be Used as the first sealant in double-pass sealing of empty glass" Because it does not contain chemical solvents and low molecular compounds, There is no V0C emission in the use process, and the degree of automation is relatively high. Environment-friendly adhesives, so the market demand in recent years--straight Continued growth. However, the viscosity of butyl hot melt adhesive is relatively large, and Poor fluidity results in a slow filling process. The difference between barrel and barrel The filling error between them is also quite different. This study adds Melt gear pump increases the extrusion pressure and improves the butyl rubber The traditional filling process saves filling time and reduces. Energy consumption improves the filling accuracy, and the operator’s Occupational health is also of great benefit.

ZB-C series plastic melt pump

Melt gear pumps are mainly used in the chemical fields of polyester, chemical fiber, textile and plastics in China. In the production process of high viscosity polymers such as plastics or chemical fibers, the melt gear pump is usually used in conjunction with the extruder. It plays a role in pressurizing the melt during the conveying process", which effectively reduces the fluctuation and instability of the discharge. The melt pressurization system introduced in the polymer production line usually includes three parts: the pump head of the melt gear pump and The mechanical system driven by the geared motor, the auxiliary heating control system and the metering extrusion control system. The auxiliary heating is divided into the insulation jacket and the electric heating rod heating: the control system usually adopts the PLC control mode, which can comprehensively control the pressure, temperature and flow rate. The control, optimized human-computer interaction interface can effectively ensure the smooth operation and operation of the equipment; The pump body of the melt gear pump is the core of the entire system. The material, sealing and durability of the gear pump directly determine the stability and efficiency of the production.

The new production process is between the kneader and the screen changer Increase the melt gear booster pump and control the extrusion of the booster pump The system is linked with the kneader and the filling machine, through the filling machine The operating platform controls the kneader and melt pump. The picture below shows Mechanical structure of malt gear pump.

Production process diagram of new butyl sealant

Mechanical structure of malt gear pump
(1. Original body: 2. Universal joint; 3. Geared motor; 4. Electric heating rod: 5. Temperature sensor)

The introduction of melt gear pumps has improved the performance of butyl sealants Filling pressure and filling accuracy, production efficiency is significantly improved It also has obvious advantages in energy saving and occupational safety. Potential, in the butyl sealant and similar hot melt adhesive industries It has a broader development prospect.batte melt pump, screen changer manufacturer, online consultation:

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