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What are the great advantages of the granulator without wire mesh filter screen changer

Why do so many customers quickly add orders after the second use, mainly because the Bart granulator's wireless filter has great advantages, as follows:

1. The box body is made of 40cr forging parts, rough-processed and formed, quenched and tempered, post-processed and formed, with small deformation.
2. The supporting perforated plate is made of 42crmo forging parts, and the long-term high temperature thermal deformation is small, which ensures the service life of the rotor and the filter plate;
3. The filter screen is made of special alloy steel, with a hardness of up to 65°, good wear resistance and long life;
4. The rotor blade adopts German h13 and is welded by hard alloy, which is strong and firm and not easy to fall off;
5. The filter screen adopts tapered holes, which are not easy to be blocked;
6. One group of micro-holes of the filter screen plate and a large hole of the multi-well plate correspond one by one to ensure a large filtering area;
7. A complete variety of filter screens: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 meshes are available all year round;
8. Reasonable sealing structure, never leaking materials;
9. The hinged opening method is adopted, which is convenient and quick and saves cleaning time;
10. The heating rod hole is processed by special equipment, the contact area is large, and the heating rod is not easy to damage;
11. It can be equipped with flanges according to the size of the customer's equipment for easy connection.

Features of Wireless Die Head

The meshless filter of the granulator uses super wear-resistant alloy steel to make the filter plate. The filter plate has several specifications such as 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mesh. The filter plate is equipped with anti-clogging unidirectional cone-shaped melt filtering micropores made of precision processing equipment, which allows the molten plastic to pass through and blocks impurities. In addition, the filter system is equipped with a synchronously operating impurity removal rotor. When working, the melt plastic passes through the pores, and impurities and dirt remain on the side of the filter plate; the impurity removal rotor rotates at a speed of about 3 revolutions per minute to remove impurities. During the process, some impurities are pushed to the storage chamber. After the impurities in the storage chamber have accumulated to a certain amount, the operator discharges the impurities through the manual discharging mechanism. The cycle repeats and the slag is discharged automatically for 24 hours without frequent interruption. The function of replacing the filter.

The screenless die head (the granulator has no screen filter) greatly improves the use efficiency of recycled plastic extruders, reduces labor intensity of workers, improves production efficiency, brings great convenience to production, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It avoids the disadvantages of large consumption and high cost of traditional filter screens, and secondary pollution caused by incineration of the screen after use, reduces the cost of waste recycling, and greatly improves the overall economic benefits.

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