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The necessity of applying hydraulic plate screen changer in the field of chemical fiber production

As a large-scale screen changer manufacturer in the Central Plains of China, Zhengzhou Batte has many years of equipment research and development experience and provides high-standard, new-generation screen changer equipment for the domestic plastics industry. Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturer specifically discussed the necessity of applying hydraulic plate screen changer to the field of chemical fiber production, and carried out detailed analysis and explanation.

hydraulic plate screen changer

In the process of chemical fiber production, waste silk is inevitably generated due to changes in materials, equipment, process technology, and product varieties. With the dramatic increase in chemical fiber production capacity, chemical fiber waste is also increasing. If it is not used, solid waste or even white waste will be formed on the one hand; on the other hand, fossil resources such as petroleum are not renewable. As the downstream chemical fiber industry of petrochemical industry, it is urgent to recycle this waste. In the process of waste collection, storage and transportation, solid impurities will be mixed. If it is directly reused without filtering, it will lead to the next process of recycled materials, such as recycled spinning, direct injection recycled sheet, and injection molding. And affect the quality of the final product. The hydraulic plate screen changer can effectively filter the impurities in the melt and avoid the failure of normal production in the subsequent processes due to the solid impurities in the melt.

The hydraulic plate screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte is hydraulically controlled. It is mainly composed of a cavity, a filter screen and hydraulic components; when the hydraulic plate screen changer works for a period of time, when the filter screen is replaced, the hydraulic cylinder outputs power to remove the dirty Remove the filter plate, replace the filter on the plate, and then clean the replaced filter for use. Zhengzhou Batte provides special screen changer equipment including: pet packing belt non-stop screen changer, pelletizer screen changer, and wire drawing machine automatic screen changer. 

screen changer filters and metering melt pump series products can be used for blending, filtering, processing and metering and pressure conveying of various viscous fluid materials and products such as plastics, chemical fibers, rubber, hot melt adhesives, adhesives, coatings, mixing agents, etc. The filter screen changer is replaced without interruption of the product, no material leakage, increased production, energy saving, labor and time saving, constant conveying flow, high product quality. The main parts of the screen changer and melt pump are refined from superhard materials, with high strength, small thermal deformation, wear resistance and long life. email:

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