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Why does melt blown cloth machine need to install screen changing filter?

Many meltblown cloth machine users do not know that the meltblown cloth machine can be equipped with filter screen changer. What's the effect of installing a net changer?

If the screen changer is installed, it can not only filter out impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticizing and homogenizing effect of raw materials, resulting in more uniform texture, better surface quality and smooth finish. In addition, the filter screen can be replaced without stopping the machine, which can save energy and reduce consumption. At the same time, the output is increased and the labor intensity is reduced. The use of the screen changer can not only save the slide plate screen changer, but also save the cost and improve the production efficiency.

exrrusion screen changer

Characteristics of the production process of melt spray cloth: the melt pressure is high, the output is high, the shutdown loss is serious, the spray melting into fiber, the broken wire and the bubble cause the product quality defects. The fluctuation of melt pressure is easy to cause the flow break or stop, the production line has long process and high automation

double pillar screen changer

The special double column screen changer has been supplied to the main non-woven equipment in China for many years with mature technology and stable quality High quality heat treatment process and strict quality control system ensure the stability and durability of the product, optimize the structural design, and realize the function of material introduction and exhaust, Completely eliminate the fluctuation of melt pressure and temperature in the process of screen changing. Completely eliminate the defects of bubbles and impurities, improve the product plasticization. The resin loss in the process of screen changing is low, and the use cost is low. More super large area and self backflush screen changer for selection.

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