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Analysis of the cold and hot working mode of the screen changer of the granulator

Some friends are not very familiar with the cold cutting and eager working mode of the pelletizer screen changer during the working process. Cold cutting and eager cutting are respectively carried out according to the different raw materials used in the work. Eagerly. So what kind of material is cold cut and what kind of material is eager to cut? Let us take a look at the following from the automatic screen changer manufacturer.

(1) The granulation of large and super large petrochemical raw materials or the granulation of modified materials generally adopts underwater heat cutting. Due to the large filtering area, large melting pressure, high temperature and high output, ordinary sealing methods cannot meet the requirements and are easy to leak. The screen changer with elastic sealing system and automatic compensation is adopted. The sealing pressure increases (in proportion to the increase of the melting pressure) and never leaks. The screen change is convenient and fast, and the service life is super long.

(2) The small-scale cold-cutting pelletizing process generally uses a multi-screen reciprocating filter screen changer (such as: double-column four-station hydraulic screen changer, double-column four-station backwash hydraulic screen changer) , Because it is equipped with a voltage stabilizing and automatic exhaust mechanism, it does not stop when changing the screen, does not affect the normal production, and the particles are smooth and without bubbles. The integrated design and manufacture of the die and the screen changer are reasonable, economical and affordable!

 Double plate continuous hydraulic screen changer

(3) Die face hot-cutting process, if used for PVC raw materials, adopts double-station rapid screen change technology, integrated design and manufacture of die head and screen changer, more reasonable flow channel structure and distribution, no melt retention, flow rate and particle size It is more uniform and shortens the length of the flow channel. The resistance is small and the output is higher.

The above three points are about the whole content of cold cutting technology and eager cutting technology under what kind of raw materials are used in the screen changer of the granulator. Cold cutting and eager cutting are two different working modes. Don't confuse it. Oh! Welcome to consult:

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