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The important role of extruder screen changer in plastic production

The extruder screen changer should be able to switch freely in the filter station under normal working pressure, and it must also ensure that there is no leakage. This puts high requirements on the quality and manufacturing of the extruder screen changer, only inferior. Material leakage will only occur for the unqualified and unqualified screen changer. For a qualified extruder screen changer, first of all, the structure design must be reasonable, secondly, the material must be guaranteed, and again the processing technology and precision must be accurate, and then the assembly and debugging must have experience to ensure the screen change. The device does not deform under high temperature and high pressure, always maintains the matching accuracy, and does not leak for a long time.

automatic continuous hydraulic screen changer

In the production of recycled plastics recycling, recycling and granulation are generally carried out. After the recycled plastic is crushed, it is washed, dehydrated and dried, and then granulated. The granulation unit configuration generally consists of a feeding machine, a feeding device, a granulator, a screen changer, a granulation mold, and a granulator. In the granulation process, it can be divided into water drop pelletizing, water ring pelletizing, and hot cutting. Different types of screen changers are selected for different production requirements of different granulation processes. The screen changer is divided into single-plate double-station screen changer, double-plate double-station screen changer, double-column double-station screen changer, and mesh belt type automatic screen changer. They are all suitable for granulation production. Choose different screen changers according to different working conditions and production requirements.

The extruder screen changer is an indispensable equipment in the production of recycled plastics. The extruder non-stop screen changer can not only filter various impurities through the filter, but more importantly, after the extruder screen changer is installed, the filter can be replaced without stopping the extruder production and disassembling the mold. The screen changer can also replace the filter without affecting the normal production of the product, which reduces energy consumption, waste, cost and labor intensity of workers, and improves productivity and economic benefits.

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