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Understanding of non-stop screen changer

Screen changers are sometimes called non-stop screen changers. What exactly is a non-stop screen changer? The screen changer is divided into manual screen changer, electric screen changer, pneumatic screen changer, hydraulic screen changer, etc. according to the kinetic energy of the screen changer. The power of manual screen changer is therefore the manual screen changer. The motor drives the screen change, and the air pressure drives the screen change. Because the pressure of the melt in the plastic production is a few to 50Mpa, in actual production, these kinetic energy cannot be used to replace the filter under the working state, so it is necessary to stop or change the extruder. The screen can be changed when the speed is reduced and the pressure is relieved, so it cannot be called a non-stop screen changer.

automatic continuous hydraulic screen changer

The hydraulic screen changer uses a hydraulic pump station to provide power and can reach a kinetic energy pressure of 20Mpa, so as long as the melt pressure does not exceed 50Mpa, it can realize non-stop screen change, which means that the hydraulic screen changer can be called non-stop Screen changer. The non-stop screen changer has different understandings. The generally understood non-stop screen changer refers to the non-stop screen changer when the screen can be changed without stopping the extruder or reducing the speed when changing the screen in production. Single-board double-station screen changer and single-column double-station screen changer can achieve non-stop screen change. It is also understood that the non-stop screen changer refers to the non-stop screen changer not only without stopping the extruder or reducing the speed when replacing the filter, but also without affecting the continuity of production. In fact, the latter kind of understanding is called continuous and uninterrupted screen changer. Continuous and uninterrupted screen changers include double-column double-station screen changer, mesh belt screen changer and multi-station circulating screen changer, backflush screen changer, these screen changers do not flow when changing the screen interrupted.

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