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Standard procedure for disassembly of melt gear pump

Regular maintenance of the melt gear pump is required to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the melt gear pump. For the disassembly of the melt gear pump, we need to follow the following steps.

1. Pay attention to the position and direction of all parts when disassembling the melt gear pump to ensure the correct positioning during assembly. The place where the parts are stored should be clean and tidy.

2. Use a soft-mouth vise to clamp the pump body of the gear pump when disassembling. When performing maintenance, handle the parts carefully to avoid falling and collision. Because slight scratches or burrs will make assembly difficult and cause damage to the melt gear pump.

3. Take out the sealing components carefully, and be careful not to damage the sealing groove and shaft, otherwise the melt gear pump may cause material leakage when it is working. Then check the cooling water inlet and outlet to confirm that there is no blockage. The seal assembly is composed of two parts and is assembled by fastening screws. If it is clogged, it can be disassembled and cleaned mechanically or chemically.

4. Loosen all the bolts on the end cover plate one turn, then loosen all the bolts and take it out. Remove the end cover plate and place it in a safe place to prevent damage. At this time, remember that the groove on each bearing corresponds to the orientation of the melt gear pump inlet. When assembling, it must be reinstalled in the original position, otherwise, the melt gear pump will be severely damaged when it is started.

5. Take out the gear shaft and bearing from the middle plate. Because of the residual material viscosity left in the melt gear pump, they are sometimes difficult to take out. Therefore, pay special attention when removing it. Do not knock or damage the corners of the tooth or bearing. Use a plastic or soft copper hammer to gently knock it out. Do not use a hammer.

gear pump for plastic extrusion

6. Remove the bearing from the gear shaft, taking care not to damage the teeth, the corners of the bearing and the shaft. If it is not easy to disassemble, (due to the viscosity of the residual material), use a plastic or soft copper hammer to knock the bearing to loosen it, not a hammer. Do not use a screwdriver or other tools to pry it apart, as this will easily damage the teeth. Remember which shaft the removed bearing comes from, and put it aside in a safe place.

7. After the melt gear pump is disassembled, all parts should be carefully inspected to confirm whether there are wear, cracks, burrs and scratches. The end cover plate and D-type bearing can be polished with 600# sandpaper. If there are burrs, scratches or other sharp corners, they can be polished lightly with a grindstone. The relationship between the metering gear, the middle plate and the D-type bearing is very important to ensure the metering performance. Therefore, you must be very careful when grinding. You only need to polish the surface without removing the metal. Under no circumstances can these parts be ground.

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