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The details of the daily maintenance of the seal of the plastic sheet melt pump

As a domestic professional plastic melt pump manufacturer, Zhengzhou Batte has made great improvements in the structure and performance of plastic sheet melt pumps; Bart's new generation of plastic sheet melt pumps has not only achieved energy saving and consumption reduction. Great improvement, and the overall service life of the plastic melt pump is improved. The following is a detailed analysis of the Zhengzhou melt pump manufacturer's daily maintenance of the plastic sheet melt pump seal.

zb-c sheet melt pump for pc extrusion line

The daily maintenance work of the plastic sheet melt pump seal is relatively small. The main inspection items are: the leakage of the melt pump shaft end, the pressure of the sealing cavity, the level of the sealing liquid, the leakage of the sealing system, etc. The liquid level inspection of the sealing liquid of the plastic melt pump is particularly important when starting and stopping, because the pressure fluctuations during the starting and stopping process are relatively large. If there is no sealing liquid, the gas can easily leak into the system through the shaft end of the melt pump. As a result, the follow-up equipment of the melt pump, such as the broken belt of the pelletizer, will occur.

If there is leakage at the shaft end of the plastic sheet melt pump, it can be eliminated by adjusting the pressure of the sealed cavity; the pressure adjustment of the sealed threaded cavity is a very important part of the maintenance of the plastic sheet melt pump seal. There is a pressure sensor in the threaded cavity, which can measure the pressure difference between the threaded cavity and the pump body. The pressure value is set at 100-300 kPa. Generally, after the pressure is adjusted in place during driving, it is not necessary to adjust it in daily maintenance work. Zhengzhou Batte is a professional melt pump manufacturer, providing melt conveying equipment including: rubber extrusion melt pump, corrosion-resistant polymer melt pump, PVC sheet melt pump, etc. For more information, you can consult:

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