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Analysis of Factors Causing Failure of Sliding Bearing of High Temperature Melt Pump

The failure modes of sliding bearings of high-temperature melt pumps are mainly abrasive wear and adhesive wear. The higher the outlet pressure of the high-temperature gear pump, the greater the shear force of the shaft on the lubricating film, the more serious the damage to the lubricating film, the closer the load-bearing area is to mixed friction, and sometimes it is even in a state of dry friction. The more severe the bearing surface damage. When the wear on the inner surface of the shaft and the sliding bearing is close to the thickness of the hardened layer, do not simply scrap it once, you can re-grind the shaft and use it again; instead of simply replacing a new sliding bearing, the price of the new sliding bearing is usually the shaft Several times, this will cause the production cost to rise.

high temperature melt gear pump

According to many years of practice, Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer reminds that when there is a power outage or the heat medium circulation is interrupted for more than 30 minutes, the high temperature melt pump should be disassembled and cleaned and reassembled to prevent the lubrication channel of the bearing from solidification of the PET melt. , Cracking, etc. cause poor lubrication and damage the high-temperature melt gear pump. Controlling the outlet pressure of the high-temperature pump has a decisive influence on the bearing capacity of the bearing. In production, the installation, overhaul, operation, and maintenance of high-temperature melt pumps must fully consider the influence of the above factors, reduce wear and tear, and extend the service life of high-temperature pumps.

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