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What to do if the oil cylinder leaks in the continuous screen changer

The main function of the hydraulic non-stop screen changer in the production line is to filter the impurities in the melt and provide a clean melt for the subsequent sequence; the application of the screen changer can also improve the plasticization and homogenization effect of the melt. Improve product quality, more uniform texture, better surface quality and smoothness. Compared with the manual screen changer, the hydraulic screen changer can replace the filter screen without stopping the machine, saving energy and reducing energy consumption. At the same time, output can be increased and labor intensity can be reduced.

The operating skill of the screen changer is to optimize the number of heating sections, which is necessary to balance the temperature on the screen changer. more specifically:

1. The two ends of the skateboard are better equipped with three sections-one body section, two independent sections match two sections. Many processors connect these converters to a separate control section, causing the skateboard to heat too much or too little. This will make the temperature distribution of the melt unstable and cause the material to scorch in the offline circuit breaker.

2. For continuous bolt-type screen changers, it is usually better to use a single control end, but when the size of these machines increases, additional body parts are needed to help balance the heating. The bolt type continuous mesh heat exchanger heats the bolts through the heat conduction of the body. If the heat is unbalanced, the body can shrink until the bolt produces a sufficiently high clamping force to prevent the bolt from moving.

3. For the mold sleeve of the machine, it is usually better to use an independent heating controller. However, this will vary with size.

Automatic mesh belt continuous screen changer

Generally speaking, the service life of the screen changer is very important.

1. First of all, the quality of our hydraulic screen changing equipment parts is very important. If the quality is not good, we will break after a period of use, so this is very important, which directly affects the quality of our hydraulic screen changing equipment.

2. In addition, our inspection is also very important during our use. Due to the large vibration of our equipment, our equipment is easy to shake and fall off parts, so we must pay attention to the wear of our parts, so as to extend the service life of our hydraulic screen changer.

3. Secondly, our hydraulic screen changing equipment requires skilled operators to avoid detours during use, which can better improve the service life of our hydraulic screen changing equipment. Recycling of plastic materials, especially plastic materials for food and beverage packaging , Such as pet, is not only beneficial to the ecological environment, but also has a huge economic effect. Therefore, many new technologies and new processes for cleaning and recycling warm plastics have been developed, such as mechanical filtration processes (filtering solid particles out of the melt). In order to meet the requirements of this process, the production cost of recycling is greatly reduced.

The Batte continuous screen changer is suitable for highly polluted melts. The backwash system can clean the filter without stopping the machine. Specifically, in the production of high-polluting melts, in order to avoid frequent screen changes, the back flush screen changer provides a larger filter area and can automatically clean the filter screen through anti-melting. It is important that the filter screen can only be cleaned through the melt itself.

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