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Selection and installation method of screen changer for double-wall corrugated pipe

The corrugated pipe production line is also divided into high-speed machines and ordinary machines. Generally, ordinary machines are equipped with dual-plate double-station screen changers according to the conventional selection principle, and high-speed machines are configured on the original basis to increase the specification. The selection of the hydraulic screen changer for double-wall corrugated pipes is the Battedouble-plate double-station screen changer. The double-plate screen changer is installed on the inner and outer walls at the same time. The screen is changed when the machine is stopped (the inner wall and the outer wall are changed successively) without material leakage. Currently, it is widely used in the corrugated pipe production line. Individual manufacturers only install the screen changer on the outer wall extruder. When installing the screen changer, the host must move a certain distance backward.

Double plate continuous hydraulic screen changer

The screen changer for double-wall corrugated pipe production is generally installed between the extruder barrel flange and the right-angle flow channel flange, and the bolts pass through the flange and are fixed on the screw holes of the screen changer. The double-plate screen changer is produced continuously during the screen changing process, which will not cause obvious fluctuations in the production of the extruder, and can withstand the melt pressure of 25-30Mpa without affecting its performance and other advantages.

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