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Which production lines are screen changers usually used in?

Which production lines are screen changers usually used in? Let us take a look at the detailed introduction today.

1. From the plastic resin synthesis reaction device to the extrusion granulation production line of bulk particles.

2. Ceramic extrusion line.

3. Polymer (plastic and rubber) molding production lines, including blown film, cast film, sheet, pipe, profile, plastic recycling, pelletizing, wire drawing, underwater pelletizing, masterbatch pelletizing, and extrusion laminating production lines .

plastic extrusion screen changer

4. Suitable for all kinds of pelletizers, extruders, film blowing machines, wire drawing machines, sheet extruders, pipe extruders.

Apply different types of screen changers to meet different application and process requirements. Manual or low-speed screen changers require that the production line must have a short time to stop filtering to make changes, while high-speed screen changers and some special-structured screen changers can change the screen without stopping or when the extrusion speed is slowed down. . Low-cost screen changers may produce defective products when changing screens. Non-stop screen changers can ensure fewer defective products, but the initial investment is also relatively large.

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